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Commercial Spaces

Audio Excellence can help your company pull away from the competition by creating a custom solution that fits your industry and business needs. Our smart technology solutions will set you apart and put you a step above in efficiency and the experience of your space. Our easy to use solutions help increase productivity by providing control of one or multiple sub-systems from centralized and localized locations. You have the option to start a system in a single area of your establishment and expand later as needed. Whether your companies project is new construction, remodel or a retrofit, we are here to help.

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Pubs / Bars / Restaurants

From sporting events or live entertainment to lunch meetings or intimate dining, we have the lighting, audio / video and window treatment solutions for your establishment. Integrated lighting and motorized window coverings make it effortless to transition form lunch to dinner with a single button press. Our centralized control solutions for system wide control provide an efficient and easy to use interface for every employee with virtually no training required. When you are ready to shutdown for the night, simply press one button to turn the lights and multimedia off, lower the shades, lock the doors and arm the security system.

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Setting the right scene in your retail space is incredibly important. Accent lighting highlights your merchandise and enhances displays, drawing customers in. Video displays excite and engage customers while distributed audio sets the right mood for the shopping. Our one-touch audio, video and lighting controls simplify opening and closing time, letting your employees focus on what's important. Our high-resolution surveillance cameras with remote access will detour unwanted activities in and around your business while also protecting your products. With our automation and security solutions, we will help to keep your store safe, looking beautiful and operating smoothly.

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Meeting / Conference Rooms

Our fully integrated conference room systems are designed for absolute simplicity. Why waist your time trying to figure out or explain how to work the projector or video conference with a client. A fully automated system allows all the devices in the room to work together seamlessly, from the lights, shades, audio, video, thermostats and communications. With preset scheduled start times or simple one-touch startup, the shades can be drawn, projector warmed up and ready, lights dimmed, microphones and communication systems ready to go, Easily facilitate your meetings or host conferences, with no setup time or training required.

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Professional Office

One simplified system for your office space will help save energy, increase productivity and encourage better communication between team members. Easily create a welcoming environment with one-touch control of lights, temperature, motorized shades, audio and video. IP conference phone systems help to promote communications by providing reliable site wide contact between staff and potential clients. At opening and closing time, a single button press will power all devices on or off, raise or lower the shades, and set the perfect temperature. You will also be able to keep an eye on the office at all times with remotely accessible high-resolution surveillance cameras.

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