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Residential Spaces

Home automation is no longer futuristic. It's today's standard and can greatly increase the value, safety, enjoyment and efficiency of your home. If you are planning or in the middle of a fresh construction, a remodel or a retrofit, Audio Excellence is here to help you determine the best smart home solution for your space. Intuitive smart technology can enhance your lifestyle in a single room, in multiple rooms or throughout your home. We can implement automation in a single area or several areas and then add to your space as your needs change. Take a look at the possibilities, and find out how you can benefit from additional security, comfort and convenience in your home.

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Whole Home - Smart Home Automation - Residential Spaces - Audio Excellence

Whole Home

You will always have complete control over your whole home. No longer will it be necessary to go from room to room in order to adjust lights, shades and temperature. When you walk out the door in the morning, simply press the "Away" button and your home will prepare for your departure by turning off the lights, lowering the shades, setting the temperature, powering down all multimedia devices, arming the alarm and locking the door. Setting the mood for relaxing, entertaining or activities is just as easy through your customized keypads, touch screens, remotes and mobile devices.

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Your kitchen serves as the heart of your home. Imagine quickly changing the atmosphere to match the task at hand — entertaining, cleaning, cooking, homework, reading and more. The simple and intuitive touch screen makes it easy to set the perfect mood with ambient lighting and background music while you enjoy your meal. If the doorbell rings you can use your touch screen to see and communicate with who's at the front door as well as keep an eye on the kids in the other room without having to leave unattended food on the stove.

Kitchen - Connected Home - Residential Spaces - Audio Excellence

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Family Room - Smart Home Automation - Residential Spaces - Audio Excellence

Family Room

User friendly interfaces in your family room will provide seamless control of all your entertainment and environmental devices. Simply press the "Movie" button and watch your motorized window coverings lower, your lights dim and your entertainment system prepare your favorite movie streaming service. Want to relax or read? Home automation technology makes it easy to transform the mood of the family room with one button press. All of your entertainment and multimedia components can be strategically hidden to reduce clutter and achieve the style you want in your family room.

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Master Bedroom

Multimedia and entertainment components can feel out of place or ruin the aesthetics of your master bedroom. With our hidden audio/video solutions we can blend your TV and speakers in to the wall with a motorized printed picture frame and image covered speakers. Our media mirror is another hidden multimedia solution that hides the TV behind a fully functional mirror when the TV is not in use. Full control of all your master bedroom's lights, shades, climate and entertainment components is provided through multiple user interfaces which also include convenient features like a "Goodnight" button that turns off all necessary lights, locks your doors and lowers your motorized shades.

Master Bedroom - Connected Home - Residential Spaces - Audio Excellence

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Media / Games Room - Smart Home Automation - Residential Spaces - Audio Excellence

Media / Games Room

You have dedicated rooms for sleeping and cooking, why not make one room dedicated to multimedia, games and entertaining? Whether you enjoy high performance 2-channel audio, movies, an addictive video game, want to keep track of multiple sporting events with multiple screens or just the evening news, enhance the experience with more than just a big television in your busy multi-purpose room. You’ll have complete control over your temperature, lighting, shades, entertainment and more from your mobile device, remote or touch screen. The sky is the limit when you have a dedicated room for multimedia and games.

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A wide variety of technology solutions can create the perfect outdoor entertainment space and soothing retreat. Automated pool and spa controls allow you to remotely change temperature and settings to ensure that everything is ready for your weekend arrival. Properly placed weather-proof landscape speakers will surround you with your favorite music without disturbing the neighbours and our outdoor TV solutions can withstand bad weather or sun as they provide you with quality viewing and minimal glare even on bright days.

Outdoor - Connected Home - Residential Spaces - Audio Excellence

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Home Theater - Smart Home Automation - Residential Spaces - Audio Excellence

Home Theater

Our precisely designed and engineered dedicated home cinema will provide you with a superior movie theater experience from the comfort of your own home. Special acoustic materials are used to isolate outside noise from your home theater and all audio/video components are expertly calibrated to provide you with the absolute best viewing experience. From the theater seating to the lighting, we work closely with you to build you the theater of your dreams. Breathtaking audio and picture quality at the touch of a button will make you forget you are in your own home.

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