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It will change the way you live.

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It will change the way you live.

Smart Home Automation - Connected Home - Audio Excellence

Home Automation

A home automation system is the heart of your entertainmetn, entvironment, and safety systems. It integrates all of the systems into a single easy to use interface - providing you with the simplest way to control your audio, video, lighting, shades, security and more. From anywhere and at any time, you can use your mobile device to remotely unlock your door if someone loses a key, view your surveillance cameras, or change the temperature. Smart-home technologies provide comfort, convenience and confidence. Solutions are available for both new build and existing homes.

Lighting Control

Lighting is an important element of home design. Take it to the next level with lighting control – adding convenience, safety and energy savings. With lighting specifically tailored to your needs, you can change the mood of any room to fit the occasion. Whether you’re dining, entertaining or enjoying TV, press a single button to create the perfect atmosphere. Smart-lighting control also encourages a safe environment by linking to your security system to turn on all the lights if the system detects a problem. Use vacation mode to simulate lighting usage, giving the appearance someone is home. Combine automated shading and lighting to reduce overall energy use.

Lighting Control - Connected Home - Audio Excellence
Automated Shdes - Motorized Window Treatments - Connected Home - Audio Excellence

Motorized Window Treatments

Automating your shades or drapes can really make a difference in your energy savings and contribute to a green strategy. It’s a natural way to control the amount of light that enters a room, and also cool or warm the home. Ultra-quiet motors will lower or raise your shades based on time, temperature or occupancy. This allows for regulation of your room’s temperature and minimizes damaging UV rays. With a broad selection of fabrics and colors, you’ll find the right shades for your decor. Combine transparencies and fabrics for varying levels of filtration and privacy. Automated shades are a great choice for out-of-of reach skylights or large windows.

Climate Control

Control over your home’s temperature is an important step toward managing your home's carbon footprint while maintaining a comfortable home environment. Smart thermostats can automatically create schedules based on your day to day routines to raise or lower the temperature. If your schedule changes, you can adjust the temperature using a smartphone or tablet while on the go. Incorporating smart climate control into your fully integrated home also reduces wall clutter by allowing thermostats to be remotely mounted in a mechanical room while still providing complete control through the home automation system's touch panels.

Climate Control - Connected Home - Audio Excellence
Home Networking - Connected Home - Audio Excellence

Home Networking

Today's home network is more than just a single connection to the internet - it serves as the central nervous system of your smart home. Most homes have multiple people and devices on the network at once to stream media, use a VPN, or Skype with friends. It’s important to have a network that can support dense traffic and provide blazing fast speeds. We help you create a solid, secure, reliable foundation that can handle the technology of both today and the future, and we work with you to create a total networking solution that meets your system needs - including your audio, video, security, phone, mobile devices, and other control subsystems.


Our high-resolution surveillance solutions allow you to monitor activities in and around your home in real time, day or night, from inside the house or remotely. Choose from multiple types of cameras, including long-range, nanny cams, covert, pan-tilt-zoom and others. Any activity is saved on a network recorder that you can review at your convenience. Quickly view live video and communicate via your touch panels or mobile devices when someone rings the doorbell. Receive notifications, view video from any security camera or verify you locked the doors. You will know your family is safe.

Surveillance - Connected Home - Audio Excellence
Centralized Distribution - Connected Home - Audio Excellence

Centralized Distribution

With central distribution your home's beauty is enhanced by reducing the equipment in your line of sight and clutter on your walls. Housing all equipment in a central location allows for complete complete control and connectivity of your technology from any room in your home. The vast capabilities of totally integrated control, along with seamless connectivity, manifest from a single, centralized hub. You could turn on a movie upstairs from the kitchen while you get the popcorn ready, change the schedule for the irrigation system, check the exterior cameras and set the music for your party a day ahead of time. Controls in one key location makes it easy for family friends and guests operate important functions of the home with ease. Plus with a smart wired home, expanding your system is easy with equipment that is centrally located.

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